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Almost Perfect®

Brooklyn born, World influenced

"Perfection is Overrated"

Mission Statement:

In this current day and age, we could not help but to notice that society as a whole strives to be something that they are not as opposed to just being themselves. It's as if they are afraid to think out the box if you will….Conforming to the thoughts and ideas of others, in fear that their own thoughts and ideas would not be accepted by the very people in which they pretend to be. Which brings me to us. Us being the few individuals who are not afraid to think out of the box. Those who are proud of their own image, their own thoughts, and their own perceptions. Those who do not conform to societies' idea of perfection. But those who set their own standard of what is or is not perfection. Furthermore, we believe perfection is in the eyes of the beholder, making it virtually unachievable. So we are claiming the closest thing to it, stating that individuality is the closest thing one can get to perfection. Thus labeling us….Almost Perfect®


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