Almost Grown Up

Hi, I'm Michael, and I've been wanting to do a webcomic for a long time.  This class finally got me out of the wishful thinking phase, and into the sketchbook phase, and I'm loving it.  

Did a rough sketch of a character I thought would best represent me-- been doodling on my sketchbook for a week thinking about the points you brought up in the online lessons.  I work overnights a lot and tend to sleep until the day is gone, terrible eyesight, avoids the sun even on days off, an introvert, and still very much a kid at heart.  

I focused mostly on one character for now.  Still working on a model sheet.  

Bottom image is still pretty much a rough, I'm on the fence if I should keep the rough sketch style or ink it (which I'm terrible at).  Would love to have input on that.  


Finished up some Model Sheets for my character-- one in the usual grey (might work on this one more) scrubs I wear at work, casual wear, and of course no wear.  ;D  

Finished up the one with different emotions, will be working on strips soon (after a trip to Megacon and a weekend of ramen~ <3).  Yeah... uh... my priorities are... uh... food > everything else.  

*Scrubs Model Sheet*

*Casual Model Sheet*

*No Wear Model Sheet*

*Emotions Model Sheet*

*04/14/2015- Update*

Made a rough strip, will be working on inking and coloring after work.  My first thought was to use my character in a Bear Kigurumi (a.k.a. an animal onesie), but then I thought it would be better to make a teddy bear character for the punchline.  Will edit or fix up if needed.  Enjoy.  :3

... yes, it actually happened.  No I haven't been waking up early to do any walking.  :S

*Extra Sturf as thanks*

Figured I'd post stuff from my sketchbook as thanks as I work on the model sheet-- in between real life sturf-- enjoy.  :3

*Random Sketchbook Comic

*Uwe's Only Fan

*Weird Things Happen During Overnight Shifts


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