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Almost Famous Movie Page

Class Project Assignment - Part 2 - Wireframes


I didn't have a lot of time, but just wanted to go through the motions of planning the content. Here is the start with mobile. Created in Axure RP Pro.



Class Project Assignment - Part 1

Topic - Favorite Movie - Almost Famous

1. Define: Almost Famous - I’m choosing to create a page about one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous. This movie is one of my favorites because it feeds my love of great film AND great music. The story centers around a fictional band trying to make their way in the late 70s rock scene. Though the band is fictional, the filmmaker Cameron Crowe brought together rock music icons Peter Frampton and Nancy Wilson to write original music for the band. Also, the actors learned to really play these songs and perform live together.

2 & 3. Organize & Simplify: Create a bulleted list outlining the content of your one page website. Then consolidate and group content where relevant.


  • Fans of the film, cast or director.

  • Those who recently saw it on DVD.

  • Could also be viewed by someone doing research on movies of its type.

Goals of the page:

  1. Create excitement around the film

  2. Provide ways for fans to contect

  3. Provide sharable content

Required Content

  • Identity

  • Anchor Navigation (may not be necessary)

  • Film Synopsis

    • Release Date

    • Summary

    • Ratings (Link to IMDB and/or Rotten Tomatoes)

    • Cast & Crew

  • Video Clips

    • Trailer

    • Other feature clips (x4)

  • Watch It (Link to Netflix, Amazon, other?)

  • Quotes from the film
  • Merch:

    • Buy The Film

    • Get The Award Winning Soundtrack

  • Social

    • Facebook Feed

    • Link to Facebook Page

  • Footer

    • Legal

    • Copyright


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