Shaquille Robinson

Illustrator, Cartoonist



Almost At My First Milestone

Reached my first milestone, in my first class ever! I'm so grateful to have made it this far, and will continue to push forward. Next up, 50. Let's do this!


If you too want to sharpen your skills in (digital) portrait painting, then feel free to enroll here:


As planned, I created and released a short 30 sec video to promote my class. I posted it on Facebook and Instagram. You can check out said video here:

Link to my class:


I can't believe it! I published my first Skillshare class two nights ago, and I'm already at 20 students. I honestly didn't think that I would reach this far, but the positive support on this site has pushed me to keep trying. A good deal of my students are either fellow teachers, or general Skillshare users. With this first milestone so close, I'm going to keep marketing my class as creatively as I can. 

As a start, I sent personalized messages to close friends and family. A little while after that, I made a post on my social media pages, Facebook and Tumblr. The response in both of these areas has been okay so far. I plan on taking this further by making a short 15-30 sec video and posting that up on the previous sites, as a follow up, and also on Instagram. I tend to get the best/most response on Instagram, so hopefully that will help give me a boost. 

My mom suggested Craigslist, or other similar sites. I'm not sure if this is a common practice, but it won't hurt to look into it and try.

I hope everyone is doing ok and that none of you are struggling to finish. If you are in the last mile, I wish you good luck! 


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