Myra Mireya

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Farmer Boy by Laura Ingles Wilder

So I didnt plan on choosing this book but I do love Little House On The Prarie

and so this book was fun to read.  This book is about Almanzo his days on the farm. He is a smart and loving boy who loves his colts Star and Bright. He loves picking winterberrys a grows a hugh pumpkin that wins first prixe at the county fair.  

For this project I kept it simple and am new and learning. I am proud of this project.



Yes my pitures are not great, lousy as a matter of fact but what is most important here is that I love the letter I came up with and the watercolor pencils I used to color it look good. I would have to play around with color and the design more.  As a beginner my goal was just to be creative and bring this idea to life.

Almanzo loves picking berries and growing the largest pumpkin was exciting and fun as well. This is what life is like for Almanzo. I had to capture this in my drawing.  This art gave me a high confidence booster and now I know I can and will continue to grow and learn. Thanks Jessica!




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