Ally's Ultimate Year!

Ally's Ultimate Year! - student project

Lesson 1

Ally's Ultimate Year! - image 1 - student project

I rocked my goals for the first year after I made this class! So much happened in 2017. I bought a "tiny house", really it's an R-Pod camper that I live in full time and LOVE. I moved to the country and started working on an organic farm and now I have the opportunity to manage the same farm in the fall before I start my own! The only thing that hasn't worked itself out yet is making a part time living creating art but I'm hopeful for 2018!

My three main goals for 2018 include:

1. Run a successful passive income business creating art and teaching

2. Save for a downpayment on my farm

3. Learn to do the splits


Lesson 2:

I will use the Pomodoro technique on my days off to crush bigger projects. I'll use priority lists in my Get to Work Book planner and use it to break down project ideas. I'll write m y priorities on my dry erase board so that they are front and center. I'll use my afternoons to create illustrations while I work part time on the farm. 

Lesson 3:

 I immediately start my next illustration project when I'm done with my farm work for the day instead of relaxing because it's hard for me to get motivated to make art at night. I've been using my late afternoon time more wisely by cooking healthier meals and I've saved computer work for after dinner as a way to relax and get anything off my mind before bed. 

Ally Perrigoue
Creative Naturalist