Ally Carey's Resume - From 'borrowed template' to 'made it myself & it's me'!

Here's the whole, ugly truth.

A friend of my boyfriend's brother emailed me his resume ten years ago. He was an actor at the time, living in New York. A real New York actor! So, boy, did I take his document, with all it's unalterable boxes and spaces, and plug my information in.

And the more I altered it over time, the worse it got...

  • It keeps shifting down and to the left, for some mysterious reason.
  • The page borders creep in, so I make the font smaller and smaller.
  • It's two pages. I don't know why, and I can't change it.


I'm thrilled to climb out of my resume-rabbit-hole of design-despair, and see the light of a brand new day!

I knew I would be using Pages, as an InDesign purchase wouldn't be feasible for me.

I opened a new document, made a text box - And there it sat. For weeks.

It was hard to say goodbye to the old version - the one that accompanied me on all the audition opportunities of the first decade of my career! From the small and discouraging auditions that I didn't even bother to tell my mom about, to the big, booking-this-would-change-my-life dream-job auditions that stand out as touchstones of my achievements. Whether I booked a job or not, my resume had my back.

I wish I could say I made peace with the old, grateful for everywhere we'd been together, and embraced the new with ease and enthusiasm. But it wasn't until professional necessity forced me into action that I finally got cracking. Sometimes, (often!), you need a little push! And the new is coming, ready or not.

So here it is!


It's a work in progress, but I'm so excited to walk into my next big auditions with this one in hand!

  • There's more white space, so my accomplishments stand out and call attention to themselves - no need to prove my value by packing in as much as possible!
  • My training section doesn't dominate - this communicates that I have an impressive background, but ultimately, I'm an actor who WORKS.
  • The font is readable and more modern; I'm still working to match fonts between this & my website.
  • All the pertinent ways to connect with me are easy to find.

And I can't wait to take these skills and ideas into redesigning my other resumes, as well!

Thank you, Anne, for a wonderful class, & the confidence to upgrade my business tools to express more of me!


Ally Carey | www.allycarey.com


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