Ally's Tumblr Header

  Howdy folks!

  When I signed for this class I immediately thought I could use it to enhance my ideas for my Tumblr's header. My page (www.notsosecretlikesofally.tumblr.com) is kind of my treasure chest, full of inspirational images and quotes I'm very fond of. Since it's such an important way for me to keep inspired and creative, I decided to give my page a special treat, with a handmade and photoshoped painted illustration.

         . : .

  So far I have a couple of sketches...





   . : .

  I'm not sure which one I like most yet, but I think I'll work more on numbers 2 and 3 for now.

                                                                          . : .

Hand Made Elements

  Soooo, after a couple of weeks and a lot of thoughts, I decided to merge sketches 2 and 3 to make my logo. I'm pretty happy with the outcome so far, but I still have to correct a few mistakes and get some tiny details right. Thank God there's Photoshop for that. So here's what I'll be working on in the next weekend:

  The Final Phase

  After many weeks postponing this project (I admit, guys), these are the final versions of my tumblr header!

  I'm still having quite a hard time deciding which one is my favourite... So tell me, which one is yours? ^_^



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