Eunice Apia

Creative Learner




1. 2-3 sentences defining the problem you’re solving
There isn't a social media website that allows volunteers to track their activities online. Alltruism wants to create a platform that allows volunteers to upload podcasts, blog, images and videos about the services they are involved in within the philanthropy world. We also hope to strengthen relationships between Organizations and Donors by creating a transparent and accountable environment.

2. 2-3 sentences on what differentiates your company.
What makes Alltruism different from other companies is that we strive to solve all the major concerns that need to be addressed in the Philanthropy world. We want help Organizations get funding, Donors need accountability from non-profits they give funds to and Volunteers need to be acknowledge for their act of service.

3. 2-3 sentences articulating what motivates you.
When I was a small child in Africa, the Red Cross came to my village to give shots and medicine. That event impacted my life and I made me want to be of service to others in some form. When I worked for Americorps Vista for two years, I was discouraged because I quickly realized that not all organizations are honest in their funding practices. After speaking with other fellow Americorps members, I was determined to one day do something to change that.

4. A list of your top 4-5 competitors, big or small.

5. Investors.
Currently, I am interested in Union Square Ventures but I am interested in working with investors that are passionate about philanthropy. Alltruism is a for profit company, that wants to serve the non-profit world.


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