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Allotment tea break

I live in Brooklyn, NY, and coming home to visit my parents in the Sussex countryside is a welcome breath of fresh air. I tagged along with my mum today when she went to her allotment to do a last tidy before year end. As a reward for our hard work, we sat and enjoyed a cup of mint tea with her delicious homemade mince pies before packing the bench away into the polytunnel for the winter. When you live away from home, taking a moment to sit down with your mum and enjoy a chat over a cup of tea is like a dream.  

My 3 words of inspiration were: natural, green, wintry

I shot this in the morning to catch the soft light (and because the days are so short now!). There are subtle shadows from the bench slats and I liked the way the light came through them. I played around with the composition and in the end removed a lot of pieces (thermos flask, tupperware, etc.) to keep it very simple and focus more on the narrative of the covered basket, enjoying the tea, and then the empty plate by the rotten apple on the floor. I also tried to keep the story consistent by including the basket in every shot.

Thanks for stopping to have a look! I really enjoyed this class and learnt a great deal about visual storytelling. Thank you Marte Marie Forsberg.  


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