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Diana K





I was having a really hard time coming up with a word or short phrase to turn into a typogrpahic logo for this class. I feel like my problem was that I was thinking too much about corporate and business logos. In the end, this class is to learn and have fun, so I chose the word 'Allons-y' the 10th Doctor's catchphrase. The ideas just started flowing after I settled on this word!!!

Lets start out with my mood board, I am thinking of lots of round letters, to mimick gallifreyan. 


Here are my sketches:




I decided to go with the rounded letters, inside a circle (speech bubble) because I wanted to utilize the aspects of the gallifreyan text, which includes lots of circles. 

So here's what I came up with:



Okay, after really thinking about my design, and getting feedback from family I decided to go with another of the sketches I had made. The main problem was people kept telling me they couldn't make out the word 'allons-y'. Pretty big problem.

I also realized I'd learned a lot of cool new tips and tricks from this class,but didn't get a chance to really use them with the design I had created. So I decided to go for a more script looking style, and utilize the knowledge I got from this class!


After I did my sketches, I was feeling really good about the design! The wavy shape makes me feel like The Doctor is actually yelling 'Allons-y!' from inside his tiny Tardis. 

Next up, I made all the changes I had sketched over the printed font. 


I fixed the y a little more in the bottom design. Added the loop at the end and I think that makes a lot of difference. I really like how flowy and fun it looks! 


Then I made some more t-shirt mockups


What do you guys think? I would love some feedback on this design! 
I have been staring at it way too long! 

I did a few more changes! 




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