Celeste Gagnon Smale





The Start

The last lettering project I did I used the quote "Make it So" it was a lot of fun.  This time I wanted to use another one, just to keep me practising new lettering, and to keep things interesting.  Once again I am going to rely on my nerdy fandom and go with a Doctor Who quote. "Allons-y!" Another good motivating quote, kind of goes hand in hand with Make it so! 

Right now I am working through my brainstorming, and roughs for this quote, and finessing my line art. Here is my moodboard for the Doctor and one for typography that I like.  (As you can see Doctor #10 is my favourite... although I did really like 9... and 11 is also pretty cool...) 

Since this class isn't really about forming letters but rather colouring them, I won't show too much of my prep work, but I will share my process after that (from rough, to inking and so on).  

So... Allons-y! 


Here is my rough, I worked on it this past weekend. After a lot of other roughs and other ideas, this is the one I am happy with and can visualize in colour.   Now I am ready to make a clean ink version(s). It will need a few layers as I envision the symbols, the main text and the little depth lines (on the letters) to be different colours. 


My lettering is now inked, it took 7 pages... because I am still not steady enough to do it all on one paper without mistakes! But now it's all scanned and put together, this is what it looks like.  I am going to start thinking about colour now. The T.A.R.D.I.S. of course will be a big influence in my colour choice.  

Playing with Colours

I am trying to think up some colours for this project, I can't picture it on a light background (I did try and didn't think it suited the whole space travel thing). So I have to make the letters stand out.  Here are a few different background colours. I like the letters.  I might still tweak them a bit, but I like sticking with the blue and gold. 

Black with gold

Black and more subtle symbols



I like the Navy one best so far, but I still have to play with the letters a bit to help it all stand out. I am going to try a couple more colours for the letters, It's still not quite working for me yet. 

Close to final

I am happy with this now. I decided on the navy background, but the lettering wasn't standing out. So I brightened them a bit and created more of a shadow (from the glow of the T.A.R.D.I.S./exclamation point.  I think it is more readable now.  I tried making the letters gold with blue detailing but it looses the whole Dr. Who feel in my opinion.  


I left it and thought about it and went back and tweeked a couple more things, but now I am done.  I am very happy with this :D Here is the final final, and a couple close ups. 


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