Allimingo, The World's Loneliest Sea Monster | Skillshare Projects

Ira Marcks

Illustrator / Cartoonist



Allimingo, The World's Loneliest Sea Monster

Here are the illustrative stages behind the creation of my class project!

I started planning my design with some thumbnail sketches:


When I had a simple design that fit my character description, I began sketching a full version of the monster. My goal with this stage was to capture a pose that fit the personality I'd created for the monster:


Next, I inked the monster using line work and a hatching style similar to what I've seen in medieval illustrations. Hey, it's a loose interpretation :)


While coloring my illustration I struggled to make the hatching style work with the color scheme. So, I took it out and colored a version that only has the basic outlines. I consider each version a slight variation on the same character. Notice now stylistic approach can make a character design feel very different!



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