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Allfront Reader - student project

Most of the RSS readers help you to get your news and posts from places you like. They are excellent on grouping content from all over the web, but that is pretty much what they do. They are a static, pull-only information organizer. I want to bring more intelligence to the reader itself. It should be able to help me not only get the news, but sort, organize and relate the news. My news feed should be more like news than just a database of posts.

Comes in Allfront, a smarter rss reader.


From the start of the reader, I set up the goals that it had to fulfll. These are from my own experience and expectations with RSS readers, and what i feel that they lack and suceed on. Therefore, there are three main goals that I have when using RSS:

1 - Get updated with corrent events, trends and overall news from sources I like and trust

2 - Get inspired with great work and intellectual pieces - both related to my design work and overall food for thought

3 - Get a comprehensive and easy to acess archive of interesting posts

Allfront Reader - image 1 - student project


From here, I decided that the first thing you see should be a overall view based on these factors. A must-see collection of things based on my own feeds, these feeds importance or repercution and feeds from friends & key people.

After that, the feed works pretty much like a regular RSS with a chronological order on the items.

With this, links will be divided into three main categories:

• Featured Stories ( most important, high impact, high repeteance, fresh )

• Headlines ( important, havent seen yet or awesome from past )

• Stories ( regular items from feed )

Allfront Reader - image 2 - student project

Allfront Reader - image 3 - student project

I really want to people to browse thru the stories and get to know what happened. In order to do this, there is only one column of content - the news. Navigations, filters and other actions are layed out vertically - on the top and on the bottom of the page. This way, the entire focus is on the news and content of the feed, unlike side menus and whatnot.

I really want to emphasize a sense of timelesness and security with this reader. On Reeder - my current choice ATM - there is always this urge to browse and clear everything with the side menu. You really browse quickly and I cant really enjoy what I am looking at when there are 9000+ items waiting for me.

Anyway, this is the first iteration of the items, next step is a crude prototype.


Allfront Reader - image 4 - student project


This is the basics elements of the reader from my point of view. There still need a lot of work overall - specially with iconography and a lot of labelling - but you can get a general look and feel for the app and also its funcionality. The core elements are:

1 - Navigation menu with the categories + global navigation itens

2 - Featured stories and headlines

3 - All your feeds in a crhonological order

I am also pretty set on the font: I am using ubuntu all over, and it feels that works pretty well. not sure if I want to add a serif font or more weight. 

And ah, there is also a new icon for it :D.

Allfront Reader - image 5 - student project


• Add iconography + labelling overall

• work on the archive column

• Arcticle view for expanding arcticles

• Condensed and expanded top header with blog + category selection - bins, folders and whatnot

Rafael Coimbra

Art director & Visual Designer @ Memoto