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Zoe Allen

Self-taught illustrator/designer/hand-letterer



Allen crest

So, family history. Allen is a very old name, and quite a few heraldic crests already exist - they vary a lot depending from where your Allen heritage is from. Although my family is English way back, my great great grandfather was originally from Wales, though I think he had some Irish in him too, thus I think the red and gold crest is likely to be most relevant to me.



As interesting as this is, I think my immediate family has an interesting enough history to merit its own original crest! My Mum is from Australia and my Dad from England, my brother and I were born in London but we moved to Melbourne, Australia fairly young and grew up there. We are very much citizens of the world.




My family are great travellers and my parents have travelled a lot while touring (they were professional musicians, and music and culture have been a huge part of my family, hence the treble clef). My brother has travelled a bit too though I think I take the cake when it come to the most widespread traveller - I've made my way through about 26 countries! Speaking of cake - my family loves cake. And tea. Actually food in general but there is something special about baking, everyone loves to do it in my family, and those who can't bake love to eat baked goods so it works quite well :)







It's amazing how much better things look when you actually put it on something!! I quite like the coloured tote bag :) Let me know your thoughts - constructive criticism always welcome. 


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