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Allan Peters Illustration

For my project i wanted to work with an illustration by the fantastic Allan Peters because i really enjoy the style and it's something i wanted to get more into these days.

Here's the original:

Getting the general shapes right was pretty easy of course but creating the highlight in the face was something i never really knew how to do before without painstakingly trying to recreat the shape by hand.

I had obviously not known about the shape builder tool, so that changed everything for me obviously :) It's so simple but i'm still pretty excited about that. 

I'm not sure if i'll actually add the full details of the crown because i know how to do it and it's just detail so it just seems a bit pointless to me. I'm more interested in working out those halftone shapes and play with some textures now.

And i finally figured that out as well, thanks to the final lesson about patterns :)


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