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All three assignments

Thank you so much for this class, Ed! have been studying illustration (all forms) via London Art College for two years, and this year I am working with an illustrator mentor to focus only on editorial illustration.

I've done all three tasks - in three days actually, as I had a break in work (I'm a freelance editor). 

The US economy one went through various iterations for colour and texture, but in the end I went for a slightly lighter, less busy look - but kept the idea of three sections as it mentioned winter and three quarters. So it reads left to right. Growth being the key word. The dollar man was just a bit of humour to enliven the article. It said investment and housing had contributed so I used those two ideas to construct the growth 'graph'.



I decided this version might be better - but actually I don't really know! It looks a bit more like a bank note although clearly only a generic one:


The plant one - well I maybe should have had the guy holding his camera or something. My idea was that in the end we would be getting our own energy from plants if this continues, so I just wanted to show the energy they were emitting and link it to us. And darkness was the only way to really show it. The 'art director' may return this one for changes!!


Finally, the turkey one was fun. I felt the turkey had been exonerated in the article so I gave him a halo and a sign to show people he was innocent!


I hope I'm not too late to the party to have some feedback. Everyone's work is so good, and they've all been commented on already - but I've added some Likes. Just so you know! Brilliant class. Please do some more stuff, Ed.



I took Ed's advice on drawing different houses and flower heads and fading the background a bit to keep the items more visible.


I then re-did the flower energy one and removed the man and re-did the energy stream. So for this version I haven't used the tab at the top either.


Short of putting a ruffled US flag for the turkey to stand on - which leaves a huge space where the deleted notice is!, I can't think how to do thanksgiving colours, not being American. So I'll leave that one for now. I wonder if these two new versions are an improvement??


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