All things dog. Inc.

Mission Statement-To create a mobile application for the Apple and Android stores that allows dog owners to find all things related to dogs. examples being veterinary services, pet supply stores, groomers, dog parks, local area events, knowledge base of dog issues created by user. etc. The business model assumes the application will be given to the end user for free and revenue will be generated by advertisers/vendors who wish to promote their services to local, visiting or new residents to a particular city or region. Additional revenue to be provided by push advertising and vender driven discount coupon or other special events, such as a discounts or VIP access to a local dog related event (dog show) The goal would be to develop databases and extensive vender list in the top 50 market throughout the county for dog owners, at the outset the focus will be the San Francisco bay area, which has approximately 9 million residents and 3.5 million dogs. Additional value added component could be creating breed specific sub groups that could be dedicated to the specific interest/issues of the breed.

Items that need to be completed

To create beta application and build a database with sufficient information for the bay area market, to allow testing and market studies to gage end user opinions of the app. Prepare beta version for demonstration purposes, investor presentations and indentify and showcase company executives experience and abilities to enable the company to succeed, so as to attract potential investors to investing in the project.

Secure an investor(s) to fund development and day to day operations.

Complete beta version

Submit to the apple and android store for approval of inclusion on their platforms..

Initially, a software development project manager based in the US will be hired on a contract basis to develop the software with coding done offshore, most likely in either India or China.

Performed in parallel to software development will be to update initial business plan as needed, develop sales, marketing, operations. Researcher will need to be engaged to catalog as many of the services and dog parks and other related dog topics, so that the information can be added to the database. Project milestones would need to be met on two fronts,

Downloads of the application-unique user views per month to attract vendors. We will need to identify market channels to advertise the App to dog owners. Milestones would start at 1% market penetration etc. a 5% market penetration in the bay area would be approximately 175,000 downloads of the App.

Although we can build an extensive list of service providers, the key will be to show the value of the platform to them and how many of them we can turn into paying customers as they will be the primary drivers of revenue.




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