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All the Coffees

I loved this class. It was easy, short, fun, and totally not stressful and I loved it. The word I chose for inspiration was "cozy", which pretty much defines my life. Interestingly enough, all of these photos picture me holding coffee or tea. (Which is totally okay with me, any hot drink will do.) Coffee and tea and cozy go hand in hand (in hand?), in my opinion.


Here's the shot from above. I took it in my favorite coffee shop while no one was looking. It isn't directly above, like a birds-eye view, but it's still pretty much angled down on the coffee. I took this with my iPhone 6. 


Here's the shot including both hands. I actually kind of staged this one accidently. I had just gotten home from church, so I was wearing all my jewelery and a nice shirt and what not, and I made myself some tea and climbed back into bed (without taking all of the what not off) with a tray and some flowers to read a book. The light was so pretty right by my window that I thought I'd take a picture. It turned out more wonderul than I was expecting. I took this with my tripod and DSLR. 



And here is my faceless self portrait. I actually love being faceless in pictures because I never have to worry about wearing make-up, or if my facial expression is super goofy, or anything. It makes me feel even more confident with myself. This was taken in the same coffee shop as the first picture was. I felt kind of goofy, strapping my gorilla pod to a nearby lamp to take this picture, but I'm really happy with how this turned out, so I regret nothing. ;) This was taken with my iPhone 6. 

Thanks for the opportunity to share all this stuff! It was really fun. And of course, I always appreciate feedback and critique! 



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