All secrets to increase students & trending revealed!

All secrets to increase students & trending revealed! - student project

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Hi all,

I'm considered new to skillshare, I have only started teaching for 2 weeks and only maximum 3 hours to work on my videos daily. I have no real online followers prior to this. In my short journey in skillshare, and of course receiving a lot of help from my mentor in Skillshare (I'll ask for permission to reveal his name), I've learnt a lot of things pertaining to Skillshare and how great a platform this is.

So I'm now returning the help I received to all new teachers out there who wishes to learn a trick or two. I have seen too many high quality classes not receiving the attention they deserve.

1. How to increase students

2. How to increase Trending

3. How to Engage Students

4. How to earn from Skillshare

5. My own Secret Tips.

Link to my class! All secrets to increase students & Trending revealed!

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Kurtanna Ang
Have Fun!