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All of the Lights theme

Hey guys! So I'm enrolled october and I'm trying to make something of a costomizable portfolio theme if I can. 

My dummy tumblr is siamesesample

and the couple of references I've picked out so far are 

Lexxy's theme
Clarus by benjaminnathandb
MARS by johnathanmoore
Minimal by arturkim
as well as Single A by storyware

The theme itself is going to be rather photo and text heavy, a secondary being reblogs and the tertiary being answers due to the portfolio nature of the theme.

I first started sketching out possible layouts to the left, then once I decided on one, I started planning some of the post permalinks to the right, finding out some interesting possibilities as well as some features I'd like to make

Typically when designing anything I pick words to sort of cement the feel of the project, so with the theme, the three words I latched onto were colorful, balanced, and contemporary.

The Post icons themselves were throwing me off a little, I'm not sure if I'll keep them. Though I do like the idea of the icon telling whether or not the post in question was reblogged, any thoughts? 
Additionally the entire posts themselves are on a center line so that the balance is achieved.

The colors are attached to the post types as well, allowing about 6-8 colors customization (I tried combining photos and photosets if I can). I tried sampling it out as well, finding a look I liked quite a lot! 

as well as a background option

Text post



same layout with reblogs



same for posts



note when the number of comments exceeds the colors picked, the lines restart with the textpost color (also note there's seven colors in that one, I forgot quotes)

and asks 

And that's what I got for today, looking forward to the next few lessons tomorrow.


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