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All my days are winter


After seeing and reading the presentation about simplest way yo structure a story. I think  properly about my story. This was the result:

Once upon a time...There was a cat, a young and grumpy cat called Chat. He lived in an apartment with his busy owner.

The winter began, and Chat was angry because of the weather.

And every day, Chat sat down on the corner of the rooms or next to the window, and he thought why he didn't like the winter.

Until one day,  his owner began to arrive early at home, and his owner spent mor time with Chat. Chat, used to be alone, felt uncomfortable and because of this, he didn't like more the winter.

Holidays began and home wasn't empty. There was lighting, colours, gifts, and the owner's family was at home. And because of this, Chat didn't like more and more the winter. Chat was really annoyed.

Holidays finished, the owner's family went out, the weather changed little by little and his owner began to have the same routine before winter. And Chat spent his time thinking why he didn't like the winter.

Until finally, the winter finished, and Chat felt something strange. He already liked the winter because he wasn't alone, the owner's family gave him food which he didn't eat, therer was more time to sleep, his owner played with him, etc. He just was a grumpy cat that he didn't want to accept he loved the winter.

Ever since that day, Chat missed the winter, and he wished all days were winter again.

I got to draw some ideas how Chat could be, I'm going to work in this idea.


Hi, everybody!

My story is about a grumpy cat who doesn't like the winter. We can read/hear his thoughts about what's seeing those days.

At the beginning, his thoghts says all bad things about winter days like:

  • All my days are winter. Waking up early or late, the cold is there. 
  • All my days are winter. Full of lightings, colors and wonderful things I could smash.
  • All my days are winter. There're a lot of people, and I can't sleep.

With the time, the cat sees the winter is not bad and there's good things:

  • All my days are winter. The family is at home. I'm not alone.
  • All my days are winter. I eat more.

At the end, the season finishes and the cat is already sad because he misses the winter, and he wishes all days were winter.

I was thinking about this story those days. it's a brief idea  I have. I still haven't write all about it, neither I haven't thinking how the cat could be look. However, I have some ideas about what kind of illustration style I want to give to my story. I want to draw it like sketchings with some colors. In those days, I'm going to make a few ideas about the backgrounds of the scenes and to work in the lead role who is the cat.

I think I want to make a short book with it.


I'm not good enough writing in english, but I hope my idea has been understanding. 



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