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Mariana Martinez

designer and letterer



All magic comes with a price

I had originally started this class with a completely different phrase but before I knew it, I had gotten swept away with other projects.

In honor of the July Lettering Challenge, I have decided to scrap and start over. My phrase is "All magic comes with a price" from the show Once Upon a Time. Here we go:


I had a lot of ideas of the imagery I wanted to use for this poster but I really had to dig for inspiration on the style and colors that I wanted to pull from. 



Shades of blue and "little gold book" Mary Blair is what I seemed to be gravitating towards when looking for inspiration. I chose these images for their illustration style, theme as well as for their use of typography.



For my warm-up there were a couple of styles I really enjoyed and some others that I would rather never look at again, but for the sake of this project, here they all are. None are perfect but I had a good time just sketching! I definitely see the strongest being the top left and bottom right.


I started on my thumbnails very loosely at first but then got a little carried away. I ended up with three more refined comps that I think really give me an idea of where I want this to go.


I built upon my lose sketches and added more and more details with each iteration. Once I was done I added little notes to myself on where I wanted this to go once I actually start adding color and texture. 




I'm leaning more towards the first sketch mostly because of all the little tie-ins I was able to incorporate (though I might have to go back and see which I should keep and which I should discard).

My third sketch I think has potential but it still feels a bit unbalanced at this stage. I loved where the script led me to think of Rumplestiltskin and spinning straw into gold but I really would have to do more refined sketching in order to figure out the composition.

As always, thoughts and feedback is appreciated!



I inked this with a piece of tracing paper over my loose sketch to try and get an idea of where the imperfections were and to get an idea of the spacing, size, placement, etc. Once I trace and ink my final piece I will separate the elements that will be scanned into separate layers that I can manipulate better.

Overall, I think the spacing and the size of certain elements could use tweaking, but I can address all of that once I go digital with my final piece. I can't wait to play with colors and textures in the next steps!


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