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All good tips but ...

I have tried the tip, to give away free enrollments when people just finish their project, but I had no success so far. Here is the text that I used for that:


It's amazing that this class has now over 160 students enrolled since I published it two weeks ago. Did you know that this is just the first in a series of four?

If you have succeeded with your first website, I want to hear from you. And if you did not succeed (yet), I want to learn about that too! So please use the "create project" button in the class to create your project. You can either post the URL of your live site, or just ask a question or send me the reasons why you could not set up your WordPress site yet. I'm sure I can be of help with that.

If you are not a premium user of SkillShare, I will send you free coupons for the other three parts of this series, so you can select your preferred WordPress theme, create your contact page and design a beautiful about us page for your site.

Since it's not possible to send private messages on SkillShare, you need to contact me via Twitter or Facebook. Just create your project in this class and share it with Twitter or Facebook. If you use Twitter, just mention me with @heddesheimer in your tweet. This way I will get an email with your tweet and will follow you on twitter. If you use Facebook, then mention the name "Heddesheimer" there too, I should get a notification on Facebook. I will send you the coupon codes via Twitter direct message or Facebook private message.


Unfortunately, even though it's just simply to put the URL of their new website in the project and connect with me on twitter or Facebook, nobody did this so far.


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