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All 'bout Trees

All ’bout Trees is an eco-concious clothing line based out of Miami, Fl. The first shipment of shirts was manufactured in Turkey, but we are proud to announce that we will now be manufactured in Los Angeles.  We strive to bring sustainability to a street wear market that is constantly expanding. We truly believe in using only the finest sustainable fabrics to create our products. We use organic cotton, hemp, refurbished wood buttons and a 50/50 blend of fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton.  Using only sustainable fabric is not only better for the environment but it also leaves both the producer and consumer with a clear conscious, knowing that the product that they are purchasing does the least amount of harm to the environment, and that the people making the product are treated correctly and paid fairly.

Our logo, the squirrel, (aptly named Midas) is a symbol of good luck used by our co-founders great grandfather. He was a Venezuelan Entrepreneur who started as a newspaper boy, and finished with a Multimedia Conglomerate including a TV chanel, newspaper, editorial rights to Playboy for Venezuela and various other ventures. It has remained a symbol used by his family to this day.

Squirrels are hard workers, and very intelligent creatures. They provide for their families and will even adopt the young of other squirrels if abandoned. Squirrels look out for each other, and for the environment. They play a pivotal role in spreading seeds that eventually blossom into new trees. And well, who doesn’t love trees?

We are proud to say that we support the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. They plant fruit trees in areas where there is famine as well as in schools so children can have organic produce added to their lunch programs. Essentially, every shirt we sell helps plant a tree and feed a person. #TreeLife.

Limited Edition Squirrels coming soon. #SquirrelGang 

Born in Miami. Raised in LA.

Our Nutstash Snapback is a Limited Edition collaboration with Grassroots California. Only 420 are available. Hats made from Hemp and include a satin lining and a stash pocket. 


Instagram/Twitter: @AllboutTrees

Email us: [email protected]


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