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All about me: Wittier than heck

2nd post: 

I'm still looking for/working on sketches. I'm enjoying this, but now I've got a logo and a brochure cover I've got to work on, so I'm not sure when I'll get back to this phrase. Maybe in the meantime I can brainstorm on mood board items while this is on the backburner in my brain which I'm hoping will make the sketching easier.

1st post:

There was just so many phrases, I was overwhelmed picking one. I knew I'd have to switch gears and do work soon, so I picked something very personal. I bit of an inside joke between my sister and me. The list of words came easily, but I stalled on the mood board. I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to take this little phrase.

To keep from forgetting about the class, I started working on lettering warm ups for the two main words.

(plus a few more I can't find right now.) After that I did a few sketches. 

I think I did more sketches in a random sketch book somewhere, but I've got to clean to find them.


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