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All about herbs

My magazine is "All about herbs".  It's at

I wanted it to cover a variety of topics related to growing and using herbs that would be both helpful and inspiring.

I had 5 main categories of items:

  • Herb
  • Containers
  • Growing herbs
  • Using herbs in food or drink
  • Misc

Starting with the web sites that I normally read, I flipped a number of interesting and current (in the last month) articles.  

However, I found that in a number of cases, the pictures on the page didn't get associated with the article, so when they appeared in flipboard they were all text.  Knowing that the photo is probably more important than the headline in attracting attention, I started looking for other sources that were more photo centric.

I used Google images to search for additional photo rich sites.  I not only found some great articles, but  some amazing sources of information.  New sites that I will go back to in the future.

So the project has been fun so far, although pretty time consuming!

Let me know if you have any feedback.


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