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All Things Letters - Inviting Followers into my Studio

All Things Letters on Instagram:

I use my instagram feed to invite people into my beautiful studio and follow my daily doings as a designer and lettering artist based in Hamburg, Germany. To me it is always interesting to learn details of people's work process and this is what I am offering to my followers.

My design studio is called All Things Letters, I do everything with lettering and typography: book covers, illustration, logos, walls, interior decorations … and so my feed is monothematic and focused on my work only. I post photos of sketches, work in pogress and finished projects.

In addition shots of my studio's storefront window are a reoccurring element in my feed and give it some structure. I redecorate my "Karaoke Window" weekly with lyrics from 80s pop songs. The window is very popular both in the analog world and in social media, people love that it gets songs stuck in their head.

Conveying a sense of immediacy to my followers and seeming approachable is more important to me than posting overly stylized and all too perfect photos. There is a bit of stylistic variety in my photos, but almost all of them show lettering. Some only show illustration without letters, some show views from my studio set up, tools and surroundings. The common denomenator is my work and the studio where I make it.

I don't post images of my personal life or non-work-related photos, and I actually think that the photos I do post are very personal already. Very rarely, I post photos of myself around the studio, because I when I look at other people's feeds I enjoy seeing the person behind the feed, as long as selfies don't make up 50% of the posts.


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