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All Styled Up


So this is where I started...and here's where I've ended up.  Thanks, Justina!

We moved in just a few weeks ago, so everything looks a little stark.  I've been using this vintage travertine side table as a nightstand for awhile, but it was too low for our bed and I really wanted something with drawers.  With the exception of our mattress and a few Ikea items, I have NEVER purchased a brand new piece of furniture. Everything in our house has been thrifted and I have shocking number of lucky sidewalk finds.   But then I found this "mid-century nightstand" at West Elm, and it was exactly what I've been looking for....they said it was backordered until May so I figured I would reserve one and look for vintage nightstands in the meantime.  

Then yesterday, out of the blue, UPS showed up on my doorstep with the nightstand!   So much for backorder and searching out other options, but I think it's a keeper.   The blanket is from a little town outside of Mexico City (I did an artist residency there last summer). The lamp is a thrift store find, plant is from Home Depot.  The artwork is a ketubah made for us by a friend for our wedding. 


Here they are all styled up!  I've included the full progression from start to finish below in case you want to see...

So here's where the sofa started two weeks ago.  I actually got this Ikea Karlstad free on Craigslist, in faded but very good condition. This was after my cat and dog destroyed our two previous sofas...I just kind of threw in the towel and figured the Karlstad is perfect because you can just keep replacing the slipcovers! 

New cover and some mid-century legs make all the difference!

My husband and I moved into our first house two weeks ago.  I'm also 8 1/2 months pregnant, so I've been in nesting overdrive!  I found this coffee table at a thrift store months ago, but I never got around to ordering a piece of glass for the top--so it sat in our garage. This assignment gave me a deadline, so I picked up the glass this afternoon and styled away!

I'm thinking we'll only get to enjoy this bling-y table for a few months....I'll probably pass it along and get something softer once the baby is mobile.  Until then, I really like it!  I'm still working on the couch styling...throw pillows are tougher than I expected!  Let me know if you guys have any ideas!

Here's another detail shot.  I love fuzzy succulents! I ended up making some throw pillows, and you can see them in the AFTER photo at the top of this post! 

8 Styling Principles

I'm pretty sure this image is from Domino.  Even though it's not exactly me style, I love the mix of colors, textures and pattern in this room.

I also think it's great to see contemporary art in this layered, textured environment, rather than the stark white walls we're so accustomed to. 


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