All-Seeing Eye | Skillshare Projects

Evan Delagrange

Graphic designer, musician, slayer of evil



All-Seeing Eye

I was excited to work on this project because I love layering and blending things with Photoshop, particularly different textures. I limited myself to basic shapes (triangles, rectangles, circles) and just started putting things together to see where my imagination took me.

The assignment was to make something abstract, so I took that to the max and made a bizarre, space/sci-fi/fantasy landscape using random textures I've accumulated. I love the idea of using vintage images in new ways, so I shaped the piece around the image of the 1950s-looking people. I tried to find a direction that would be totally different from what that image may have originally been used for. I think that juxtaposition makes things more interesting.

As for the story of the piece itself, that's for you to decide. Who are the strange, old-timey people in the sky? What is their purpose? Are the people on the ground worshipping or despairing? What does the fox say? The answers are what you make them.


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