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I will keep updating this.

Form Mini Project

I had to start over many times because I keep forgetting to set the width on the <form> and whatnot. I try to use an image background but I guess a simple one would do just fine. This was really a pain but I like how it turns out :D

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Table Mini Project

Knowing how to make the hover effect is awesome!

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First Major Project

Deciding to put both the navigation and the menu on the top right is a headache. I have to go back and forth just so they are on the same line. The blockquote style is inspired by WordPress.

All Projects - image 3 - student project


Card Mini Project

The border bottom should be like yours but I have no idea why it turns out like that :D I guess it's troubleshooting time.

All Projects - image 4 - student project

Meina Ibr
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