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All Phases Complete: Business Card reDesign

***Please scroll all the way down to see all designs through Phase 3***

I'm new to this position (graphic design within a plastic thermoforming company)

 = Plastic Ingeuity's logo, look us up!!

and, truth be told, business cards aren't mine to design; fill in a few blanks and voila! they're at your desk in a couple days... however, this class is giving me some extremely important lessons in typography I wouldn't have otherwise learned.

My educational background,


as well as previous employment,

 = Lands' End = a good experience

was in apparel and textile design. I'm not bragging when I say I do have creative abilities, but typography hasn't been in my arsenal of background experience and sadly it really shows (in my opinion). I'm hoping to improve my skills to further boost my confidence within this graphic design role I've (luckily and happily) found myself to be in! I figure that's a good intro to my project(s) since it helps explain where I'm coming from?

Thanks for looking.

Phase 1, completed Dec. 18th:

A bit blah if you ask me, but a good start?

Phase 2, completed Dec. 19th:

I'm so bad at self-promotion. What corny text, right? I do like the arcs though.

I revisited Phase 1 after the holidays & added some bigger font effects, colors, logos. I'm pleased with the result (Dec. 30th):

Note that the colors are coming out a bit "off" unfortunately. My name and the logo are supposed to be in the same 2 shades of grey: PMS 431 (dk grey) and 429 (lt grey); the orange is PMS 1665. I'm using the same #s but in the saving and posting, there is a marked difference. Taking that out of the equation for now, I think they are a vast improvement on the first couple rounds. I credit looking through a lot of your (fellow students') projects as additional inspiration!

Phase 3, completed Dec. 31st: these additional designs are kind of a mixed bag between Phase 1, 2, and 3 options, truthfully, since I kept going back to tweak old versions with new information:

I added some signature details, and those dots represent our Design area carpeting- a huge love of mine. The brighter pattern-only version could be a card back perhaps?

I used my final favorite as the project cover photo, but I do like some others and I'm so glad I have this many to look at for future use. In review, do YOU have a favorite(s)? Feedback is always welcome.


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