All Butter and No Waistline

All Butter and No Waistline - student project

I have the sweetest tooth and continental pastries are a particular vice. Living close to three stores that sell fresh backed goods is perilous for my waistline. I can't resist their wondrous variety of fillings and topping. And the way their buttery pastry melts in my mouth. Hmmm yum yum. 

All Butter and No Waistline - image 1 - student project

I find it difficult to trust the paint because I'm not used to having to wait for the results and have a tendency to over glaze. 

All Butter and No Waistline - image 2 - student project

I am not the biggest fan of biscuits, they are too dry for my particular palette. However add a cup of tea and things change. Dunking biscuits in hot tea is a sweet British treat. Judging when the biscuit has retained enough liquid to be soft, yet not so much that you lose haft to the teacup, is as much of a delight as eating the biscuit itself. 

Rachel Lucette Adams
Freelance Illustrator and Designer