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Claire Jay

Claire Jay



All Accourding To Plan

I began by taking notes in a pen style I usually wouldn't adopt.

I then used the idea of medium explortation through a project I was doing for a friends business cards and I also did some mark making. This was a very enjoyable process.

I'd really liked the idea of using white-out to create lettering in an interesting texture and this lead me into painting over the top of photographs to give them a new meaning.

I'm always drawn to war photography and the human-ness of everyone involved in war, and yet war itself is a completely inhuman thing.

By this stage, I'd decided to make an art zine rather than a poster. I tested with some titles using different mediums. This fist example is paint to paper which has then been blown-up on the photocopier.

The second example was some type I printed then scanned back unto the computer, but during the scanning process, I would move the paper, to create a glitched effect.

I made some quick sketches to map out how my zine would be layed out.

Then my zine was printed and created:


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