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Sebastiaan Destellirer

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All 3 of 3 Workshop Animations

3rd Post (30-12-2015)

Today I made an version in the style of the 3rd option in the workshop section.

I used 4 repaeted(stagered) letters (S) flying in from the Z axis, with an animated opacity and trim paths.
(Text layer converted to shape layer for the trim paths option)
Then I replaced the stroke with an fading in fill color, and after that used a 3D text animater for the rest of the word.
Instead of a shape behind the letter (like in the example), I used an solid background with an mask (vignette) animating in and out. (This forced the animated gif to low pixel dimensions to keep filesize small)

I believe my second version from the previous post is the strongest version of all.

- HR screenshots
- Animated GIF
- Vimeo Embed (= better quality than the animated GIF)





2nd Post (29-12-2015)

Today I made the second type from the workshop section.
Again I attached 2 versions. The first one is a bit complex (window blinds coming down and closing), In my head I thought it would be a nice effect, but when making I found at a bit to much. I did finish it because it was a nice training on complex sequential movent of the blinds and rotating (and animating) them in 3D space.

The second one is more simple and focussed, seems stronger (Less = more)

Attached from both versions a:
- HR image
- Animated GIF
- Vimeo video embed

First version (Window blinds coming down)



Second version (more simle version)




1st Post (28-12-2015)

Today I made the first of the 3 workshop projects - The lower third.
Planning to do also the other 2 examples from the workshop

I made first a version with rounded end, because I didn't want to recreate exactly like the example.
I did not realy liked this versio, but while working on it an second idead came to mind, so I made that one also, it is a regual square with the text flying in.

Attached both versions as:
- HR still image
- Animated GIF (looping)
- HR Vimeo vide link (looping 5 times) (For convenience of the H.264 format, I used an image of the transparent grid as background, also used it for the animated GIF)

1st version



2nd version




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