Alki - student project

It’s been a while since I have created this sort of design work, mainly because I found myself tempted to learn and attempt to transition into fields such as UX/UI. However, I’m beginning to realize that I enjoy graphic design much more. This is my first step into re-engaging with this discipline, in hopes of continuing down this path.


To get started I did what was recommended and looked through some photos of mine in order to create a cohesive spread. Film photography has been one of my longest lasting hobbies; especially travel photography. So I stumbled across a collection of photos I made when on a trip to Seattle some years ago.


My favorite from the set is a photo that was taken in Alki beach with this bright red car and these guys were looking under the hood and enjoying the nice day out. Seattle is often known as being a gloomy place so I thought that it would be interesting to take a different more sunny perspective on the city.


So my first step was to grab my notebook and just start sketching. I was little rusty in layout/publication design so I grabbed a couple of my Hypebeast/Highsnobiety magazines for some inspiration. Afterward, I created many different variations on paper and narrowed it down to 3 to explore in digital. 


After narrowing it down to three designs I explored them in Illustrator and continued to iterate. Naturally one felt stronger than the others and I begin to further explore that design.


Alki - image 1 - student project


With this design I created a symmetrical negative space above and below the content, to me they sort of looked like cleavers in shape.


The repeating Alki was a result of exploration with the typeface I chose; I wanted to dramatize its scale and presence on the design. A particular aspect about it that stood out to me is that the negative space between the L and the K sort of mimic the lines of a road!


Anyways thanks for checking it out!