Alkaline Trio Anniversary Poster

Alkaline Trio Anniversary Poster - student project

Hi everybody!

First I'd like to thank everybody who's involved in this process for the chance of learning how to design a cool rock poster!

For my project i have chosen the Alkaline Trio because they were a big part of my youth and still today i listen a lot to them. So, its acually still one of my favorite bands. Last year they celebrated their 15th anniversary and i thought that it might be a good opportunity to create a poster for them. Their music i would say is some kind of eerie-beautiful melancholy punk rock which is carried by tragedy as well as dark however beautiful (sometimes even happy) melodies. Their lyrics about the "facts of life" such as love, drugs, death. I mean, its about those good and also those rough times in life which everyone have to go through, like the break up after the first love, for instance...In my first sketch I've tried to combine these things and bring it onto paper.

Alkaline Trio Anniversary Poster - image 1 - student project

Those differences i have tried to illustrate. The roses represents the love and beautiful, whereas the knife and cemetery picture the dark sides, melancholy and death. I also integrated snakes because they are kind of scary and mystic creatures, just like most of their songs. Further i integrated the alkaline heart-skull embedded in roses and guarded by a snake.The girl all alone on her way to a ghost house somehow reminds me of their song "every thug needs a lady". Also i've tried to integrate a vintage frame, however, its not finished yet. 

In a second sketch, the girl in the first sketch inspired me and i started to sketch a second thought. however, yet i dont know how to develop this one...

Alkaline Trio Anniversary Poster - image 2 - student project


Thank you so much for the feedback, it really inspired me alot!  I am really looking forward to some constructive feedback and a big thanks for viewing! :)

nice greetings to everyone!