Alison R.

Student Coach at InsideTrack, Inc.



Alison's attempts at automating.

I will work on this further on Thursday 1/17, but for now wanted to get some rough ideas down. 

Two of the three processes to tidy up:

1) My daily work flow. I have a number of conflicting and changing priorities on any given day at work, yet there are weekly and monthly pattern that recur. I would like to create a calendar or work flow that begins to document these so that I am not starting every today's list from memory and scratch.

2) Currently I write theater reviews for the city where I live. My goal is to see and review three productions a month; this doesn't sound like much, but it does take away from valuable freetime on the weekends. I'd like to somehow get this down to a better system, but will have to think about how to do so. Every review needs to contain certain consistent elements, and while I can't just copy and paste anything, I'd like to maybe come up with a few outline templates for reviews and to get these events on the calendar in some way, even though the dates change given the theater schedule. 

3) ?? TBA. Maybe grocery shopping. Every week I write a list out from scratch, as well.


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