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AlishaNeva - Join me in my Journey

AlishaNeva is about me.

I am AlishaNeva

Join me in my journey.

I plan to use to showcase my skills and experience using the power of good design and having my portfolio full of the many things I enjoy doing and can share as well as things I'm not so good at in a way to solicit help.

Some of the things I enjoy doing that I plan to showcase are:

*Layouts of books and newsletters using InDesign

*Planning Events - Startup Weekend, Creative Mornings Philly, and Parties to a name a few including budget planning, food preparation, what worked wonderfully and what didn't after an event, decorations, and anything else involved in each type of event
*Creative Direction
*Email Marketing
*Social Media Marketing - through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
*Managing - I currently have a team of 3 employees I manage
*Organizing - things both digitally and tangible
*Colors - Putting them together - what works; what doesn't
*Making - Anything and everything I can - even when I learn new skills and tips/tricks
*Dancing - any style really because your style is just that but also some technicalities
*Living in Philadelphia - I'm super good at this
*Laughing at Absurdities - yes, there will be pictures of absurd finds from all over
*Dreaming of awesome things and doing them
*Playing with Animals - It's true; I won't be able to resist the occasional cat picture
*Talking about my cool friends - Seriously my friends are awesomely creative people and I'd love to share videos/pictures/stories with and of them
*Occasionally over-using exclamation points - I can't help it; I'm just permanently excited
*Sharing books and movies I'm reading and watching - respectively, of course
*Finding awesome sites on the internet - if I think something's cool I generall want to share it with people

Some of the things I would post for suggestions:

*Samples of my writing - both fiction and non-fiction short stories as well as poems
*Troubles I'm having with Photoshop and Illustrator as I re-enter the Graphic Design world
*Email Design problems - I may even post solutions if I was able to find them via google or in some round-about way
*When I'm torn between marketing decisions with a client (either in my current job as an eMail Marketing Manager)
*Exercise - I don't like gyms but I'd like to be fit! So - I'm exploring different options
*Sewing - I have a sewing machine that just sits there waiting to be used - and I'm really hoping to get started on it soon! *Interior repairs
*Traveling - I'm hoping to start traveling a bit in the next few years.
*Jewelry making - My boyfriend is a glassblower and I'd love to share his work and find new ways to incorporate it into jewelry

I'm also considering blogging a little bit for everyone my observations and/or internal struggles about:

*Finding a way to make your skills equal paying the bills (eww - that sounded way too corny…but well…so it is).
*The broken Education System and what we can do to fix it
*Inefficiences around us that I notice in everyday life
*Relationships - both friendly and romantic (This one's a real maybe for me - It's pretty personal to put out there on the internet and I won't pretend to be a lifecoach or relationship guru) I just want to share my experiences with tough times in a relationship after reflecting on them in the hopes that someone else won't repeat my mistakes - or maybe so that I don't
*Vegetarianism - I can't decide if it's a good or bad thing for my life
*Going to therapy - I'm not embarassed that I pay someone to listen to me once a week but I certainly question it some times but have gone off and on for years so I'd like to tell people how it shaped my life

I'm going to try to refrain from:

*Putting negative thoughts out there (including rants and complaining) - I don't want to keep that cycle going for anyone.
I tried to put more things down here but really - negative thoughts seems to cover the vast majority of them so I think that's all I have

Goal - what I hope my Visitors give me back:

*Calling me out if I violate the above
*True opinions when asked
*Feedback in general

So that's it - I essentiall want to use this website to showcase my skills, share what I have, help me live a full and happy life while I help others do the same. And essentially - understand myself better, work on what I want to work on, but not be a center to complain or strictly focused on one topic - because, like everyone, I'm multifaceted.


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