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Meghan Martin

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Alis Volat Propriis

In 10 years,

I have a hard-working, and loving husband, (I get butterflies everytime I see him) and, we have 2 young children, and a dog (golden doodle).
We are living in Southern California, my house is inviting; a clean-cut, eco-friendly, and modern design. It is just a few steps from the beach.

I talk to my twin sister, and parents atleast once a week. We update each other on our lives. I see them atleast twice a year.

I work as a dermatology physician assistant, at a renowned clinic in Southern California. In my spare time I teach fitness classes (barre and spin), and am a certified life coach. I meet with clients a few times a week so help them set goals to create the life they want.

I volunteer and dedicate time to help cancer patients. And continously time to make a difference in my community.

I maintain a healthy relationship with surfing/ stand-up paddleboarding and yoga to keep my mind clear (and be with the salt water.)

I take time to be with my family and friends. I prioritize them within my life.

I have my own garden and eat 90% organic foods. I eat clean, fresh foods that make me feel good and feul my body to be it's healthiest.

I run half and full marathons throughout the year to maintain my health and love for running (I have run the boston afterall...)

I travel the world and make time to see new and exciting places. I have been to Thailand, Bali, Greece, Spain, England, Brazil, Quatamala, and Costa Rica, to name a few.

A day in 10 years looks like:
Waking up next to my love, and watching the Sunrise through our window. We're up before the children, make coffee and create time for ourselves before waking them up and taking them to monessory (pre-school) for the day. My husbands leaves for work and I leave soon after. I head to work as a I assist a rebutable dermatologist. I love my job. I am off at about 3:30, meet some friends for a workout, and head home to prepare supper with my husband. It consists of vegetables from the garden and fresh foods from the local market. We eat our supper together and put the kids to sleep. The night is ours to discuss our day, our upcoming trip and catchup over a glass of wine. 


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