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Aline Soules' Meditation on Woman


This is the full picture of the cover of my book.  The cover was developed by Anna Faktorovich, owner and director of Anaphora Literary Press, which published my book.  NOTE:  This is strictly a print book; there are complications to creating an e-book out of it because of my publisher's complaint that e-books do not make $ for her.

Marketing Plan

1. Ideal reader exercise - complete by Sept. 15

2. Book description - revise by Sept. 15 (I'm already having trouble with this!  As Laura suggested that my current description wasn't particularly helpful, I shall probably post a draft here and hope for classmates' feedback.  Current description: These prose poems and flash fiction pieces work together to create a universal woman -- complex, multi-faceted, and fascinating.  

3. Cover, title, sub-title:  this is SET and can't be changed.  The cover's fine, I think, and Laura thinks, too, but I suspect the title should be something different.  As I can't change that now, I will just have to make the best of it.  I don't have a sub-title, which is fine.

4. Author bio.  This was completed for the book cover and is up on amazon and elsewhere

5-8 Working out your media angles; media page / media kit; list out dream coverage; how to pitch - complete by Oct. 15 (these all seem inter-related to me)

9. skipping this one (be a journalist's best friend): doesn't seem to fit with this type of book

10. tweak amazon:  I have some blurbs and reviews, but I may try to get some more.  I also do not control certain aspects of amazon (e.g., tags, etc.) which are controlled by my publisher.  I have tried to get her to add some additional tags, but failed. - Oct. 31

11. get reviews:  I have done this and wonder if I can get some more (may be harder as book carries a 2011 publication date.  I had tried to get my publisher to use 2012, since the book came out on Dec. 17, 2011), but she refused. - Nov. 15

12. make your blogging go further:  I already blog, on a number of subjects; however, I think I need more focus because I use the blog for multiple interests and I think I should blog about prose poetry exclusively for a while. - continuous, but try to do one blog per month (I usually do this, but periodically, it's longer).  I already share on facebook, twitter, and linked in.  I need to add Pinterest and Quora - Oct. 31

13. guest posting:  I have done this once, but I work full-time and find this too time-consuming at the moment.  I'll save this for another time, unless something drops in my lap

14. Create an ethical bribe for my mailing list:  here's the challenge--I don't really have a mailing list and this brings me to my IDEAS for tips 22-23:  I need to start a true web page.  I have a blog and it looks good (, but it's not a website and I need to deal with that soon - Oct. 15.  Once I have that in place, I need to start generating an email list with a view to a monthly newsletter or short tip about poetry and prose poetry and writing generally.  Once I build a decent-sized mailing list, I can consider an "ethical bribe," e.g., a short chapbook, which should go online by Dec. 15, in time for the holiday season.

15. Use the power of local:  I'm skipping this one for now.  When I offered a copy of my book to my local public library, their response was that I could sell it through the Friends of the Public Library bookstore.  NOT encouraging!  The public library is part of our county system, which does all the selecting, so my local library is just an "outlet."

16. Team up with the holidays:  I will investigate Christmas as a gift-giving time - Dec. 15, International Women's Day (March 14, 2014), and mother's day (May 11, 2014). Birthdays for women might be helpful, too.

17. Be an expert - well, I have an M.A. in English, an MFA in Creative Writing, and an M.S.L.S. (library degree)--presumably, they're good for something.  I do editing work in academic circles, but I'm not quite sure how to capitalize on this at this point.  Will defer for now.

18. Linked In / Quora - I'm already on Linked In, although not very active.  I'll investigate Quora - Dec. 31

19. Commit to twitter:  I like twitter, but, again, I'm not very active.  I need to beef this up - Nov. 30

20. Paid ads:  investigate, preferably in time for the holiday season - Nov. 15

21. Easy tweaks: I have these in place

22. My ideas:  

a) develop a proper web site (see above)

b) email comp books to select women’s studies departments in universities.  As one women's studies prof. used it as a form of textbook, talk to her about endorsing its use in other programs.


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