Sean Kirkegaard




Alien in a landscape - Wk 1 project

My purpose for doing this course is to (ultimately) create a beta level of ZoopaHeroes, a game I'm trying to launch.  ZoopaHeroes is aimed at children aged 7-12 and the game revolves around the battles between Zoopas and Poopas.

In addition to the cover art, here's an early artwork image for the game:

I also have two character designs.

The first is a Zoopa (they're the good guys in this game world):

And their nemisis (nemisi?) is/are the Poopas:

In terms of aesthetics, I'm a huge fan of the clever use of real world textures in Little Big Planet and my character inspiration comes from a motley mix of Thundercats, Dr Seuss and Anime.

Dipping my toe into Unity for the first time is heaps of fun, but also reveals how much I've got to learn.

Here's a screen grab of my first effort:


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