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Alien Space Cow & Half-Drowned Kitty Play With String Under a Clear Sky

When I was done with this I was like "Whaaaaaat?".  My critters look like a bad accident but I think I like them.  LOL.


I based this off of Miro's Harlequin Carnival - I replicated the two figures in the lower right-hand corner.



Since Miro was big on primary colors, I thought I would use the secondary colors of orange and green.  I also used black and white.

Materials used - 

Kuratake watercolors, no. 51 (green), no. 33 (orange), no. 62 (blue)

White ink 

Black waterproof fine tip markers.

140lb watercolor paper - 4 x 4" squares (size was actually a tad bigger)

No. 2 and no. 4 round tip brush and detail brush for the white ink.

Methods used - 

I used pencil to draw the figures on the paper and then traced the lines and filled in areas I wanted black with black ink pens. I also used the ink pens to make a stippling effect on some areas.  I let that dry and used green and orange watercolor (on dry paper) for the figures. For the background, I used the blue watercolor for the background (on wet paper) to fade the color out.  I used white ink to make little dots on the eyes (light effect).  I also used the absence of color to make white areas on the figures (plain watercolor paper). 


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