Alien Monster One The Move

Alien Monster One The Move - student project

I took a previously made monster from one I created during another Nic Squirrel Skillshare course, and decided to animate it after taking this great fun and easy course to follow along. I did watch several other how to videos on Youtube, but to no avail, I wasn’t able to easily grasp the details like I had with Nic’s class here. 

I will certainly try another, but I did use the transform, warp & liquify tools for this one - made it sort of look like the Monster didn’t want to go back home as his ship starts to land behind him. One thing I have learned, is that you have got to have fun with your art! 

Thanks again Nic for creating such a wonderful class! Cannot wait to do more, but must wait til my pencil fully charges! Lol. Thank you for sharing your amazing skills with us! Hugs! Xo Leah Quinn

You can find more of my art over on my Instagram feed: 

Leah Quinn
Artist, Illustrator, Surface & Product Designer