Alice's First Steps in Marketing

Step 1: Establish Your Voice.

Who am I?


Linguist who used to be a literary student

Good speaker

Myths, legends, fairy- and folk-tales enthusiast

Passionate worldbuilder


What do I have to offer?

Writing advice

Analysis of... stuff...

My own creative progress


Merge 'em!

In addition to writing advice on plot, character, and structure, I could focus on more niche-kinda topics:

Advice on writing in a foreign language. I wish someone had it for me but guess that’ll be myself. Practical tips as well as words of encouragement.

Analyzing archetypes, cliches, and tropes. What’s the difference? What’s the problem? Is there? How can an author fix it? What can be advantageous to the story? Character and plot. From myths to what you think has nothing in common with them.

Worldbuilding and how to make experiencing the world feel like in a game. How to make the world come alive and avoid infodumping. Should you even avoid it? Worldbuilding in non-speculative genres.

So you wanna make a language? Do’s, don’ts, maybes. Coming up with names and toponims. What to call your magical creature? What to call your spaceship controller?

Worldbuilding prompts. Are there the undead in your world? What race are best at neuroscience? What’s justice like in your MC’s culture? Is religion a uniting or dividing force in your story?

[needs development] What if books were video games (kind of book review-ish I guess)? Should your story be one? [example] Could Eve: the Awakening be a first-person shooter or hack and slash? You're playing as a young chimera, not necessarily Eve, and uncover the story in an action/adventure with awesome cut scenes.

I'm very interested in game design and would love to see my own worlds live in books and video games. If I get any experience in the gaming industry, I'd be able to offer related content too and it will expand the service I already can provide. But unfortunately that's not something I can contribute right now.


Step 2: Create a content game plan.

Who? SFF writers, readers, and gamers. NA and adult, though I was reading adult literature as a teen so I know there’ll be teens too. Readers and writers with interests in theoretical literary knowledge. Writers who want advice. Foreign writers who want to write and publish in English (that’s my journey. It may be helpful to people writing in other foreign languages, but the topic of publishing can be completely irrelevant to them). Writers who’ve heard of harmful stereotypes and even seen the word “problematic” twice but don’t quite know what it all’s about.

What? Blogs and vlogs, and a mailing list with exclusive awesomeness.

Where? I can imagine using tumblr for blogs and having a website feature them in a box or something but I’d love to start a youtube and offer an experience of bingetubing. If I can master it (I really just freeze in front of a camera), tumblr will serve for communication with the audience and sharing other people’s related work.

When? Weekly videos. I live in Europe and my audience is mainly in the USA (even British authors say most of their sales are in the US) so I’ll need to research days to post. Tumblr is easier to maintain, but if it stays the main medium, I’ll probably keep original posts to twice a week at max.

How? Everyone is praising twitter as a platform for authors but I’m not quite sure what exactly to do with it. I’m confident with instagram and facebook, though. They could also effectively reach younger and older audience respectively. And a mailing list with exclusive awesomeness!!!!!!


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