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"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" Quote Illustration

I've always loved the fantastic world of wonderland so I decided to illustrate one of my favourite quotes, "We're all mad here", along with a few items that always remind me of the story.

This is all I have so far on my sketch. I started this morning and the top half is inked, just the bottom half left to do in the morning. 

I've now finished the sketch & fully inked it. I brought it into photoshop to prepare it for illustrator and have moved a couple of elements around to where I thought they looked good. I would appricaiate feedback on what your thoughts are!

 Been working all day on this print & finally finshed colouring the poster, I've increased the size of the border to allow for a frame. I've added some shadows here and there. Next step is to texture the poster!

Would love some feedback about the colours & layout etc. :)

I've added a small amount of texture, only to the text, cork and background – let me know if you think there should be more/less texture. (The texture is pretty small so when scaled down it's a little hard to see.)

Alternative Ribbon colour scheme suggested by Rachel Price, I tried it with the dark blue but the 'mad' didn't stand out enough so I added some more red. There are some other minor tweaks around the image. Still unsure about which version I prefer.


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