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Alice in Wonderland

I'm choosing to do my Drop Cap on one of my favorite childhood stories, Alice in Wonderland. I prefer when the Drop Cap is the title of the book instead of the Author's last name, so I'm drawing an A. Below are my notes and initial rough sketch ideas. 

The top left A is the mad hatter (which I'm not really feeling), the top right is a rough sketch based off the idea of the playing cards when they were painting roses red. The counter of the A is an upside down heart. I'm not pleased with the skeleton of the A, so I'd work on that if I move forward with it. 

Bottom left is based off an illustration in the book of the white rabbit blowing a horn at court. Bottom middle, I was trying to incorporate the key somehow. Bottom Right is Tweedle Dee/Dum as a letterform. 

The drop cap below is inspired by Alice's apron. Maybe a little too literal. 

The bottom cap is obviously the cheshire cat. I like how the bar in the A becomes the tail. The next letter is more of a non-specific letter with the white rabbit's pocket watch coming out of an ornamental bar. The very last illustrates Alice falling down the rabbit hole. 

Overall, what I'm interested in persuing are the tweedle dee/dum, alice, Cheshire Cat, The pocket watch and the rabbit hole. 

Thoughts are appreciated! 


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