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Alice in Carnaval

Hi all,

I am starting a blog with a friend in the coming couple of weeks.

We are both Brazilian women in their late 20ies and have been living in London for a few years now. The idea is to engage with two audiences: Brazilian people who want to know more about London, and British people that would like to know more about Brazil. The blog will cover a broad range of themes (I like to define it as a "lifestyle blog"), with a skew to the feminine audience - we are working on a few posts in restaurant reviews, fashion brand profiles, beauty reviews, etc. Do you think this could be confusing? The thought is to make the blog somewhat personal as to better engage with audience, since we don't have an established brand/product behind the blog. Which leads me to the next point...

We are taking the opposite route to many of you: we are blogging first, and then thinking about a brand/product. The idea is trying to figure out the best way to bring some of our favorite products from Brazil to the UK and vice-versa. But we haven't figured out that part of the equation yet - any tips are more than welcome ;-)

Since our audience is both Brazilian and British, the content will be presented in both English and Portuguese - so there will be limited text and the emphasis will be in pictures or videos (non-spoken videos). What do you guys think about this?

We have chosen for our platform, and our blog is called Alice in Carnaval ( We currently using the "Superhero" theme, but we would love to hear about any other suggestions you guys have. We will also be using our own URL (, but haven't linked that yet. We also have a twitter account (@AliceinCarnaval), a facebook account and a pinterest account - but we haven't started posting yet.

We are aiming quite high with this project and are hoping to post daily. However, like some of you, I worry about making sure the content is fresh and interesting and that we don't post just for posting. As a complete newby to blogging this is probably the part that scares me the most. Any pointers or tips on this would be very much appreciated.

I am very impressed with the other projects and I have been learning quite a bit from your posts, questions and answers. Any feedback you guys have on the description above, please make sure to post it below - any thing would help!



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