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Alexis' Home Office Moodboard

I really loved Meg's moodboard template, but after looking for inspiration for my theme, I fell in love with this set up and attempted to recreate it myself. It was so tricky getting the sizes of the squares right and angling them just so; I'll need to keep practicing creating shapes and arranging them with non-perpendicular borders.

I wanted the mood to spring from the volcano photo, a not very original but still evocoative allusion to the bursting forth of inspiration from an otherwise dormant mind. My SO and I share a workspace, so I included some shots of side-by-side desks and images that would keep me motivated. 

Overall, I really like how it turned out, and it was a good test of what I still need to work on. Can't wait to do more of Meg's classes and keep pursuing my dream as an amateur designer!!


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