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Alexandria Eddings

Graphic Designer



Alexandria's Day!

My List

  1. So my day consists of me waking up
  2. and eating breakfast.
  3. I take heart medication daily for a condition called Marfans Syndrome
  4. Then I brush my teeth
  5. Put on my contacts
  6. get dressed
  7. I check any messages by phone or computer
  8. Then I drive to work.
  9. I always check email when I first get there and facebook too.
  10. Then I work on whatever design project on my agenda.
  11. Then I drive home after work
  12. I eat when I get home
  13. I always like to relax on the porch if it's a nice day out
  14. I do a little reading at some point before I call it a day
  15. I may watch a little tv
  16. Surf the web a little
  17. Take a shower
  18. I feed my pet sugar glider before bed (she's nocturnal)
  19. Then I turn the lights off
  20. Then I lie down

Below you will see that I've done multiple sketches for each referent.  This was just me trying to come up with the best way to represent each referent.  Let me know what you think about any of these. 

I'm in the process of creating my vector icons.  Meanwhile I thought I'd share this one.  So far I've chosen to go with the fill style icons versus the outline style.  This one is for referent #3 (take medication)

So... icons are not as simple as they seem to design.  It's fun though!  I'm still in progress but here are the first fifteen.  One thing that I want to do is go back an increase the width of the negative space in a few of these to make them all more consistent.  My favorite so far is the #15.

So here is the final result...

If you like my work, check out my design page on facebook

Also you can view and download any of these at the Noun Project (linked below!)



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